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  • Silane coupling agent SCA and Titanate (zirconates, aluminates) coupling agent TCA are widely used in plastics, rubber, coating and adhesives industry. It is used to improve pigment dispersion, product strength and adhesion between the resin coating and substrate. They play an indispensable role in many product formulations.

    But Silane coupling agent SCA and titanate (zirconates, aluminates) coupling agent TCA mostly are in liquid at room temperature, that causes trouble for use in plastics, rubber, adhesives, powder coatings and other non-liquid formulations. Customers always need to use liquid silane to pretreat the filler firstly, this increases step and is inconvenient for factories that do not have mixing devices. While it is also not convenient to transportation, weighting, feeding, dispersing, etc.  However, the powder coupling product is convenient to use, while reducing pretreatment process, reduce pollution.



    DLC is the first letter of the abbreviation “Dry Liquid Concentrate”, meaning powdery liquid product masterbatch.

    Our powder coupling agent in DLC series is formed by using the porous, highly absorbent inert inorganic minerals (do not reaction with coupling agent) as a carrier to absorb liquid silane. It is free-flowing powder, easy to weigh and use.

  • DLC series powder coupling agent is using inorganic mineral (inert, has a strong adsorption) as adsorption carrier, produced by a special mixing technology. The inert carrier does not react with silane, titanate coupling agents that ensure the effective content of the product and storage stability. Its porous structure has a strong adsorption, can absorb more than 200% of its own weight of liquid coupling agent, while maintaining the surface of the finished dry and free-flowing.


     After DLC series coupling agent added to the formulation, in the extrusion and compounding process of rubber, plastics, powder, affected by external compression and high temperature, the liquid coupling agent adsorbed will be released or squeezed out, and thus play its role of activating filler and improving the adhesion & bonding.


    About the silane coupling agent and titanate coupling agent chemistry mechanism, please refer to the relevant section of our website.

  • CapatueTM DLC series powder coupling agent is mainly applied to the solid or powder formulations and systems, typically application includes:

    Ø       Rubber

    Ø       Plastic

    Ø       Bakelite

    Ø       Powder Coating

    Ø       Hot Melt

    In the process of these products, the main raw materials are in solid or powder, It is not easy to add and disperse liquid additive. However the DLC series powder coupling agent can be easily added to these solid formulations and well dispersed.






    DLC series powder coupling agent has the same efficacy with the conventional liquid coupling agent, they only have different physical form. Its main effects are as follows:

    l       Improve the dispersion, wetting and binding force of pigments and fillers in resin

    l       Improve the mechanical properties of the final product

    l       Improve adhesion and water resistance of resin coating on glass, metal and polar plastics

    l       Improve resin crosslink density, hardness and scratch resistance

    l       Improve reinforcing effect of siliceous filler to rubber, improve the wear resistance and modulus of rubber

  • DLC series powder coupling agent is free-flowing powder, easy to mix with other powder or solid material, the instructions are relatively simple. In rubber processing, the product can be added after mixing with other fillers, can also be added directly to the open mill or mixer. In plastics, powder coatings and hot-melt adhesives processing, it can be added after pre-mixing with fillers , can also be added directly with filler,resin, and other additives.


    Recommended dosage of this product is 0.2 to 1.0 percent of the total formulation, adjusted according to the filler amount, product performance requirements and other factors. The optimum amount determined by test, 0.3 to 0.5% of the amount is more common.

  • Depending on the chemical composition of the DLC series powder coupling agent, they can be divided into silane and titanate (zirconate, aluminate) categories. Generally silane products are mainly used in some formulations containing siliceous filler, rubber and thermosetting resin, its main function is to improve the rigidity, hardness and adhesion to the substrate. Rather, titanate (zirconate, aluminate) series DLC is mainly used in thermoplastic resin and no silane-reactive fillers like calcium carbonate, carbon black, graphite and barium sulfate, its main function is to improve the filler dispersion and the flexibility of the final goods.

    Selection Guide of some products please see the below table, for more details please contact our sales representatives.




    Resin Type



    Epoxy, Phenolic, Acrylic, Nylon, EVA, Fluorine rubber



    Epoxy, Phenolic, Acrylic, Nylon, EVA, Fluorine rubber



    Epoxy, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester, etc.



    Unsaturated Polyesters, Peroxide curable rubber



    Sulfur vulcanized rubber



    Peroxide vulcanization rubber



    PVC、PE and Epoxy ,Polyester resin



    Epoxy ,Polyester resin


    All our liquid silane coupling agent SCA and titanate (zirconate, aluminate) coupling agent TCA can be transformed to DLC powder coupling agent with our proprietary adsorption processing, we can supply customer tailor manufacturing under customer’s order.

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